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Rune Staves *
Cut from Cowhorn. Engraved with runes of the Elder Futhark.


Cowhorn with Scythian Engravings*
Two Scythian images etched onto the surface of a small cowhorn



Raven Figurine *
Carved from a piece of deer antler.
My own design.



Fox Fetish Carving
This figurine was carved from pipestone
in a design taken from the Zuni style.



Wolf and Bear Soapstone Figurines*
These two are based on Zuni fetish carving
designs. They were cut from the same block.

The surface of the two are polished smooth, and the seeming texture is due to striations and mottling in the stone itself.



Bear Fetish Carving
This bear was carved in a style loosely based on the Zuni tradition. It is made out of a sandstone i picked up while out walking.


Sitting Coyote Fetish
A coyote figuring, again in the Zuni style, carved from a nice piece of grey soapstone. The photos really really don't do the piece justice, unfortunately.


White Wolf® Tribal Rune Pendants*
These were carved from cowhorn.


These are various
Egyptian and Pop Culture
designs, also carved from cowhorn.


Mannaz Pendant
A pendant carved out of a piece of pipestone. The symbol is the Norse letter "M", Mannaz.



Where noted by (*), photography by Wolf!
See more of his excellent work at Werewolf Exposures.