Alt.Horror.Werewolves FAQ

Frequently Asked

Table of Contents

PART 1 - The Basics

  1. What is AHWW?
  2. A little history
  3. What is a lycanthrope? A theriomorph?
  4. Do you actually believe you're a werewolf?
  5. Are you guys for real, or are you just role-playing?
  6. Well, then, how does one become a werewolf?
  7. Aren't werewolves bloodthirsty killers?
  8. What are werewolves like, mentally, while transformed?
  9. How does the full moon effect werewolves? (and other legends)
  10. So, how would I "exorcise" someone who's a werewolf?
  11. What are some other names for werewolves?
  12. Do these thoughts mean I'm crazy?
  13. What is the "cyberpack"?

PART 2 - Spiritual Therianthropy

  1. What's Spiritual Therianthropy?
  2. What are totem animals?
  3. What do Dreams have to do with anything?
  4. Isn't this some kind of New-Age psuedo religion?
  5. How does someone shift mentally?

PART 3 - Shapeshifter Multimedia

  1. Songs about shapeshifters
  2. Books about shapeshifters
    1. Non-Fiction
    2. Fiction
    3. either/neither/unknown
  3. Shows and Movies
  4. Costuming

PART 4 - A bit of fun

  1. What do I do if I meet a werewolf?

  2. Top 10 reasons why werewolves make good pets
  3. Top 10 reasons why werewolves make poor pets
  4. The Lexicon

PART 5 - The Wendigo Mini-FAQ

PART 6 - The Werebear Mini-FAQ

PART 7 - The Feline Mini-FAQ

PART 8 - The Nahual Mini-FAQ

PART 9 - Odds and ends

  1. What are "furries"?
  2. What are the "Howls"?
  3. Why not change the name of the group?
  4. What is/was the "Helpstaff"?
  5. Is there a website? FTP site? IRC channel?
  6. What are "werecards"?
  7. Where do I send suggestions?
  8. Our History

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