In finding my animal nature,
I see what it is to be human.
In being more human,
I find my true nature.

One day i shall die, but not this day.
When that day does come, these
words will be my final testament
to what i have done, and left undone.

For a long time i was concerned with
words, thinking they held value
above the concepts they expressed.
At their best they serve as reflections for actions taken.

I write now of my Path.
The Road i take is one led by Raven.
Bridging the gap between animal and human is no easy task.
In pursuit of this i have researched the past,
the ancients giving up their secrets.

From this i began to cultivate my own thoughts,
expressing them through personal reflection,
through interaction with others,
and through writings of my own.

Some actions cannot be truly expressed with words.
Artistic endeavours are better seen, than spoken of.
Work done with the hands, sweat and tears, cannot be told of.
Images from Gatherings tell far more than words could.

There is so much left to do.


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