In becoming closer to the animal,
I find what it is to be human.
In becoming more human,
I seek to grow closer to God.

One day i shall die, but not today.
Until that day comes, i shall endeavor towards greater understanding of myself,
the world around me, and my place in that world.
For now, i travel a path of discovery, with Raven as my guide.

Words serve as a record of things heard.
They provide a Rememberance,
and serve as a Teacher.
They offer Catharsis,
they offer hope from the Fear.

Words can serve as a guide.
But what road to take?
Mine is the Shining Path,
the way of reconciliation
between human and animal.

Words serve to instruct.
I have studied the future,
i have learned from the ancients,
the past giving up its secrets.

I have expressed my soul through my art,
and through my stories.

There is so much left to do.

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